DJ Downloads

download’s for Radio DJ’s

Below you will find various downloads that you might find usefull for making and broadcasting your music through The Odyssey Radio Network, for technical support please contact Producer Kim on

The downloads on this page are for Windows 10 and above only

SECaster , Software required to broadcast to our radio station server, Please contact Producer Kim for server details and your personal login.
Musify, Software that allows music to be downloaded from youtube, Spotify, soundcloud and other platforms, Please speak to Producer Kim for login information
vac467lite, A free version of Virtual Cable that allow’s additional internal sound system.
Wavepadsetup_v16.95, Wave Pad Recording Software. Free version, just select for personal use when starting up. No login required.
Mixx-2.3.6-win64, Mixxx is a free software that gives your pc a full virtual mixer. No login Required
Teamviewer_setup_x64, Teamview is a program that allows approved connections between computers to aid an Odyssey Sounds Technician to assist with setup’s. For full information on Teamviewer please visit